Ateneo dismisses student in bullying case

MANILA - Ateneo de Manila University has dismissed the high school student who was caught on video bullying his schoolmate, the university said Sunday.
Ateneo President Jose Ramon Villarin SJ said that the decision followed a thorough investigation that included listening to all the parties involved.
"This means that he is no longer allowed to come back to the Ateneo," Villarin said in a statement.
The Jesuit-run university also said that while it already has processes and procedures to handle cases of bullying, it is also assessing if further measures are needed to prevent such incidents.
"I have thus created a Task Force to conduct a comprehensive study of the current situation, ensure an independent audit if our present measures and systems, and promptly recommend to administration how we can create a safer and bully-free environment," Villarin said.

Credit: ABS-CBN

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