Gordon believes Trillanes should be kicked out of Senate


Senator Richard Gordon believes Senator Antonio Trillanes IV should be kicked out of the Senate, saying the latter’s “behavior (was) really out of line.”

“I don’t think he belongs in the Senate. His behavior is really out of line,” Gordon said during an interview with ANC’s program “Headstart” on Tuesday.
Asked by anchor Karen Davila, “You believe he (Trillanes) should be expelled?” Gordon answered: “I think so. You don’t call people names. You don’t insult your teammates.”


“That’s why we say, “Will the gentleman yield to a few questions?” You don’t address the guy, you address the chair. There are rules. He doesn’t know his rules that’s why he goes up to the deep end,” Gordon explained.

“And when that happens, what do you have? A mob. You cannot have a mob in the Senate. People are expected to act in a certain way,” he added.