Gold Digger Alert! This Girl Was Left Without Her Shirt On After…


One of the most popular videos on Youtube and Facebook these days are gold digger hunting clips where boys pick up girls who are hesitant at first but when they flash their expensive cars, things turn upside down. Most of the time, the girls even chase the guy when they find out that he owns a really classy and elegant car. But this gold digger is quite different, what this gold digger hunter did is really epic!

In the said clip, this guy was wearing normal clothes as he stands in a bus stop. He talked to a girl and asked her if she’s waiting for the bus. The girl declined and found it weird that he’s volunteering to give her a ride. The boy insisted he has a car at the parking area and that he can take her to her house. The girl still declined.

So, what this gold digger hunter did was to flash his car in a very technologically-advanced manner. With his Bluetooth on, he said: “Tesla” and an electric car suddenly pulled over at the bus stop. She then asks the girl again if she wants to ride with him. At first, she was a bit hesitant. Then, he asked: “You don’t want to reconsider?”

Now, the girl obliges. When they were driving around, the boy asked her: “Would you want to stop over at my house?” The girl agreed. And then the tables were turned. You will be surprised to see what happens next!

Watch the video below:


So, what’s your reaction on this video? Do you think the guy was being an a$$hole or the girl was really a gold digger? Did he do the right thing or is this just a stunt he pulled just to trend and go viral? Share us your thoughts below!