Watch: Catholic Priest Caught On Video Allegedly Snorting Cocaine at Party


A video of a Catholic priest grunting lines of cocaine at a gathering has been gotten by “The Sun” daily newspaper, and is presently coursing quickly on the social media.

In the video taken at his home in Northern Ireland, Father Stephen Crossan is facilitating a gathering with a few companions. The video indicates him smoking a cigarette at a table with a companion who has a couple of lines of cocaine arranged on a dish. At the point when the companion offers the minister a moved up £10 note, Father Crossan can be heard in the recording saying “I shouldn’t” yet then continues to enjoy the show of opiates.

A source at the gathering additionally told “The Sun” daily newspaper they found a reserve of Nazi memorabilia at Father Crossan’s home that night. The cleric supposedly put on a top and did the Nazi salute before his companions. In light of this claim, the minister says he’s not a Nazi, and happens to gather recorded things from everywhere throughout the world.

Source: Tomonews