PARENTS Limit Gadget Use for Your Kids, They May have This Without Noticing It!


A six-year-old little girl developed early signs of stroke and focal seizure. The cause? Too much use of gadgets. Read the full story below.

This mother was surprised when she was doing her crafting business and heard a loud scream from her six-year-old kid. According to her, she responded to her right away. But, when she went to her, the kid was screaming because she cannot feel one of her arms. Worse, she tried to walk but she was not able to do so. Instead, she fell on the ground. Aside from that, the mother looked at her daughter and saw that left part of her mouth was skewed and stuck with that reaction since the attack.

They laid her flat in the bed and her condition normalized after a few hours.

Her mother was astounded because there were no signs of her of any disease – only allergies from different types of foods and others. At first, she thought it was caused by trauma due to her daughter’s allergy in cockroaches but it was worse than that.

The following morning, they went to the hospital and they found out the true cause of the incident. What the little girl experienced was a sign of stroke. It is focal seizure. All tests were done but it seems like she had the attack due to some nerve issues.

According to the doctors, the said stroke is primarily caused by the kid’s fondness for gadgets. As per their advice, it is only recommended to use gadgets only two hours in a day.

Currently, the daughter is banned from using any gadget. She can only watch TV when she is bored and she already needs to sleep at a certain time. According to her parents, when she gets irritated, she helps with her mother’s crafts business to take her mind off using gadgets.

The kid’s mother warned other parents to never take for granted several signs such as squinting, slow mental process, cross-eyedness and lack of focus as these can lead to worsening of their focal seizure.

Also, she told parents to take care of their kids even how busy they are. Ensure that they are acting normally and they are not doing things excessively. Watch the report here:


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