This Sick OFW from Saudi Arabia Asks for Help to Return to the Philippines! Full Details Here!


Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is tough. Working overseas can really take its toll – not only mentally, physically but also emotionally. A person who wants to work abroad must be prepared in all aspects and have sufficient stability and courage knowing that leaving friends and relatives in the Philippines might have consequences in the future.

Going abroad, one can feel loneliness and home sickness. Being far from your loved ones, OFW just inspire themselves and get motivation from the fact that their hard-earned money are for the people dear to them, to give them a better future and make them feel the comfortable quality of life they have been aspiring.

But, what if you are already sick and incapacitated to work? What if you have no one to depend on abroad? This overseas Filipino worker who is in Saudi Arabia is one classic example.

OFW Cristina Ladignon called Raffy Tulfo in Action asking for help as she is currently suffering from a pesky illness. She relayed that she is currently in Saudi Arabia. She also divulged that the agency refused to answer her calls and messages so she took her chance with Raffy Tulfo in Action.

Ladignon wants to return to the Philippines and come back home. He was struck with a disease that hit her foot first. According to her doctors, the signs point to kidney issue. She had contacted her agency but they never responded.

Here is what she wrote on her Facebook post:

“Sir raffy tulfo humihingi po ko ng tulongng sn po ko makauwi dhil po ko nagkasakit at una naapectuhan ang paa ko Kya po Di ko n kya mag trabaho ilan cnbi n po s agency klagayan ko pero wl prin po cla action skin at hanggang ngayong po wl prin ko iqama. S dmi ko po naging amo no Isa Di nila ko n gawan ng iqama. At ko prin po gumastos s pagpapagamot ko. Kya po sn sir tulungang nyo ko makauwi dhil gusto mapagamot ang along paa at tagiliran dhil me sintomas dw po ko s kidney sv ng doctor. Nagpapasalamat po Cristina ladignon.”

A lot of the netizens showed sympathy and were very concerned about her situation. There are those who tried helping out for so that the said clip by Ladignon to reach Raffy Tulfo in Action management. Here is the video:

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