Physically, Verbally Abused GF Fouls Cry, Shares Emotional Story: “Di mo napigilan sarili mo, sinuntok mo ko ng maraming beses sa mukha’


This girl was physically and verbally abused by her boyfriend – and now she cries foul on Facebook about her story. According to her, she was in a relationship with her alleged abusive boyfriend. Check out the emotional story of this young girl, who even showed to the world – her bruises and abuse marks, allegedly due to her former partner’s beating. Read the full story.

Entering a relationship can involve a lot of risks. Expect that you will have good times and bad times. Of course, you expect that the love you give would deserve good treatment from your partner. However, not all relationships are perfect. Sometimes, it could mean hardships but couples try to fix and resolve these things together, without having to harm each other. But when things get physical due to mistakes and shortcomings, it is an indicator that the relationship is no longer healthy. Take for example the relationship of this young girl with her ex, she accepted those imperfections and strived to have a better relationship but she ended up getting beaten and abused until she can no longer take it.

If you get involved in a toxic relationship lik hers, you need to have the courage to free yourself from such situation. Shayne Baldoza’s story should be a lesson learned to all of those who get crazy in love despite these hardships. Here is her account of the story:

 “I’ve kept my mouth shut for so long, thinking that you would stop going around talking shit about me to your friends, making them think that this is all my fault and that you are the good guy. But the truth is, you never were. So here it is. I’m telling everyone the real story behind these bruises and the reasons why I got all of these from you.”


She said that she had a relationship for three years with a guy, who abuse her both physically and verbally. He called her vulgar words and accused her of cheating time and time again. She also mentioned how possessive he was that she cannot go out with her friends.


 “We were together for almost 3 years. You were my first boyfriend. I introduced you to my whole family and they accepted you wholeheartedly. I admit, I’ve never been a perfect girlfriend, i am impulsive, i have flaws, i always have this bitchy attitude when I am jealous or mad. Just because I don’t know how to handle our relationship. I explained it to you so many times that I am that kind of girlfriend who’s such a pain in the ass, because of my anxiety. I thought you would understand but I was wrong. You started to be verbally abusive, you became possesive that I cant even hang out with my friends and When I do you’ll start calling me “pokpok” “malandi” lahat na ng masakit na salita. I accepted that, even though deep inside I am emotionally destroyed by those words. It hurts because I know in my heart that I invested so much love for you, I gave you all my time and effort just to make you feel that I won’t ever cheat on you. I even ditch my friends just to prove to you that I love you and I don’t want you to get paranoid everytime I am with them. I sacrificed a lot just to make this relationship work.”


At this time, Shayne had been enduring not only emotional pain – but her BF started hitting her and beating her, hurting her physically. There are situations when she had to hide her marks from her parents, trying to make cover-up stories just to defend her BF. One time, she felt numb when her boyfriend hit her once in the face in one of their arguments. Also, the boyfriend told her friends a lot of made-up stories, which really ruined her image.


 “Until you also started becoming physically abusive, I tried hard enough to cover up every bruises you gave me. Lagi kong sinasabi sa mga nakakakita sa mga pasa ko na “clumsy kasi ako palagi akong nadadapa or tumatama sa upuan” 
hanggang sa dumating yung time na, sobra kang nagalit dahil sobrang nagger ko. Nagaway tayo dahil sa sobra kong selosa inaamin ko yun. Di mo napigilan sarili mo sinuntok mo ko ng maraming beses sa mukha, hanggang sa magmanhid yung left part ng face ko. I even asked you “pano ko sasabihin to sa nanay ko?” then you told me na sabihin ko na lang “nahit and run ka ng motor” that moment di kita nakilala inexpect ko na maghihingi ka ng tawad sa mga magulang ko pero I never heard even one sorry from you. Pinalayo ka pa ng mga magulang mo dahil takot sila na baka masaktan ka ng parents ko. Nanahimik ako, kasi mahal kita. 
pero sobra na.. Sobra na yung paninira mo, sobra na yung mga kwinekwento mo sa tropa mo. You never admitted your mistake. Mas gugustuhin mong magmukha kong bitch sa pangingin ng iba. Kasi ayaw mo masira image mo. I dont deserve all this bullshit.”



She ended the post with her realizations and claimed she wants to be a better person. She said:

“I know that I’ve also made mistakes in our relationship, but that doesn’t justify what you did to me. I will never understand why a guy should physically hurt a girl and walk this earth like nothing happened. I’m saying this because sobra sobra na yung ginagawa mo. I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore lalo na ngayon na sobrang binabastos at dini-disrespect na ko ng mga kaibigan mo. I hope this will serve as an eye opener to all the other girls who are in a toxic and abusive relationship. I can proudly say that it is a relief that I got out of that relationship and now I’m trying to be a better person.

To you, Patrick Ogaitnas sana nakakatulog ka ng mahimbing sa gabi. I’ll pray for you.”



A lot of netizens gave their piece of mind about the issue. Most gave their sympathy to the girl and said Shayne is a courageous girl as going through it is difficult, what more to expose all of these to the public. They also encouraged her to move forward with her life as her patience and understanding, maturity and self-value is commendable.


While a lot of people think Shayne’s BF is at fault, there are also those who want to know the story from his point of view, to clarify the issue once and for all.


Did you learn a thing or two from Shayne’s experience? If you’re in her shoes, what would you do? Share us your comments below!

Source: TNPFacebook