Parents! Don’t Let Your Baby Lie Down When Drinking – It Could Be Deadly!


“Hindi porke’t nakadede ang baby nang nakahiga, eh ayos sa kanila iyan… Ikaw, try mo uminom nang nakahiga. Kaya mo?”

Parents should be wary of a certain habit that might cost the life of their babies. Parenting is something that everyone has been waiting for all their lives. It requires a certain set of skills and a particular level of patience to be able to handle parenting properly with maturity and great sense of fulfillment. It is very difficult for mothers and fathers alike to ensure that their babies are doing fine.

Whenever they cry, all sound alarms inside your mind rings. It is very important for parents to be always alert especially when they cry. When feeding them, lifting the baby’s head slightly in a semi-upright position should be kept a habit by the parents – as this can lead to a lot of different nasty situations. One of which is indicated in the story below and can actually result to infection.

According to post, a 14-day-old newborn was brought to the emergency room of Our Lady of Fatima Hospital. The said infant had a code blue with aspiration pneumonia as cause of death. As per the health professional who relayed the story, the milk went inside to fill the lungs and the baby got ‘drowned’ because of this.

According to the mother’s account, it was 3 AM when they last fed the baby, they normally do breastfeeding. That night, however, milk formula was fed to the baby. It seems that when the infant was breastfed, it was laying flat on the bed as the mommy was so sleepy.

Around 9 AM, the baby was already unresponsive. They thought that the infant was just sleeping. They went straight to Lourdes hospital but were recommended to go to Fatima Hospital. By 12NN, the baby is already in Code Blue which means life and death emergency situation. When they do intubation, all the milk were drained out of the baby’s lungs.

According to the practicioner: “Everything was done to bring back the life of this precious little angel kaso dilated na pupils ng bata (yung gitnang gitna sa itim ng mata, bumuka na), no more heart rate, lifeless na talaga. 🙁 🙁 :'( :'(“

The netizen said this is a real scenario and that he was very sad because of what happened. He then left us with a reminder:

“Mommies and daddies, please, reminder lang na please itaas nyo ang upper body ng baby pag magpapdede, mas maganda if halos nakaupo na… Ilang bwan lang tayo magsasakripisyo sa gabi sa puyat at pagod. After ilang bwan o taon, hindi naman na dedede yan.”


To be safe, always make sure that the baby burped before sleeping. He furthered: “Hindi porket nakakadede ang baby ng nakahiga eh ayos sa kanila yan, sadyang gutom nalang talaga sila at walang lakas para sabihin na itaas mo katawan nila habang dumedede. Ikaw try mo uminom ng nakahiga. Kaya mo?”