Maute Clash Ends with 13 Marines Casualties, 40 Hurt


A sixteen-hour feud driven by the Marines offense had thirteen marines as casualties, while forty others were wounded and hurt. The said clash was started by the government troops against the Maute group in Marawi City.

According to Marine Commandant Major General Emmanuel Salamat, the thirteen soldiers who were killed in the clash were sent to Barangay Lilod Madaya. The members of the marine Battallion Landing Team 7 and MBLT 5 saw several Maute members in the village at around 3:30 am at the wee hours of Friday. The clash ended at around six in the evening.

As per a DZBB report, one of those killed was the leader of the MBLT7’s 37th Marine Commander, 1LT Frederick Savellano from the same group that found the Maute stronghold Php 52million cash and Php 17 million worth of checks in Mapandi earlier the same week. All of those who were killed are members of MBLT7 while one member of MBLT5 was a casualty as well.

Police authorities were armed with rocket-propelled grenades and employed improvised explosive device during the clash. However, the Maute group had snipers in the village. Several Maute members have been confirmed to be dead during the clash.

After the said battle, the death toll of our fallen soldiers is now up to 58. As per AFP spokesman Brigadier General Restituto Padilla, around 138 Maute members and 21 civilians were killed as of the moment. According to authorities, around 1000 civilians are still trapped in the war zone and 35,00 have already been displaced.