Girl Reveals Embarrassing Scar after Her Tattoo Fell Off


For the past years, we have already heard of horror stories that comes with having a tattoo, but we haven’t seen this severe in a long while. And when we mean severe – it may actually be the worst!

Pasuda Reaw, who had a chest and collarbone tattoo inked on her, finally decided to remove them. She wants to employ an erasing technique which is called Rejuvi. The said procedure will have to essentially use the same needle used for tattooing but this time with a tattoo removal cream. The cream will facilitate the destruction of chemicals and removal of the skin color – this implies that the tattoo will transform to a scab that can be easily peeled off.

However, it seems like it’s not as basic as that. On her social media account, she published accounts of her daily procedures. She documented every step of it, day by day. At the first day, it seems like everything is doing well as it seemed to be peeling as intended.

WARNING! The next set of photos contains graphic images

But then, after several days had passed, it seems that the tattoo – which is basically an open wound, became infected. And it really looked horrible if you see it up close. It really looked swollen red with white stuff coming out of the small pores infected by bacteria. You will really be shookt at the sight of pus coming out of the wound. What a grim imagery!

When the infection cleared up, the tattoo left a scar when it peeled off. However, the misery does not end there. The painful ordeal just got extended. Because of the procedure, her skin became very sensitive. So weak and vulnerable it was, that a slight bit of contact can make it bleed. So, when the scars dried, instead of returning to the original skin color – it looks like the skin had a third-degree burn.

Three months in and the scar is still visible – it was definitely the most terrifying thing for her. Because of this, she decided to share her condition to everyone so as to make everyone aware about the consequences of Rejuvi technique. While it may be effective to some, there is a need to detect if your skin would react harshly to it – at the end of the day, consulting a skin specialist could have made it all better.

Reaw encouraged people to stay away from this kind of tattoo removal technique – well, with that kind of result, would you blame her for giving everyone a warning?

Share us what you think about this story! Do you think she’s just overreacting or are you thankful she shared the negative effects of this technique? Comment away.