BEWARE: Plastic Eggs Made in India, Coming from China?


These days, you should really be wary about fake products. What is worse is that even food these days can be fake and can really harm your health as they are health hazards. Like for instance, these fake eggs which were discovered to have been sold in India, in their capital city of Kolkata. A lady was shocked to find out that the egg she bought from the marketplace is actually made of plastic and was injected with food coloring inside.

According to the source, the said fake eggs were imported from China. In a report by Indian Today, a woman discovered that the eggs were fake upon frying them when she was making an omelette. It seems that the capital city of Calcutta has been hit by mass production of these artificial eggs, materials coming from China.

According to her, when she opened the egg and cracked it, it seems like the normal eggs she buys from the marketplace. However, when she was spinning the yolk to the white of the egg, she noticed that they do not mix together. It is natural for the white and the yolk to merge and when fried becomes the omelette we all know of. But it seems like the two are separate, heterogenous substances that can be mixed.

She found out when she fried the egg white that it was a bit stickier than usual – leading to suspicions that it was made of plastic. An investigation is currently in place in Kolkata Municipal Corporation regarding the manufacturing of said fake eggs.

A video posted on Facebook shows how the artificial eggs are produced. Thousands of netizens reacted negatively and were fuming with anger when they found out that it is confirmed that it is indeed happening in their country. A police complaint has been filed by the woman who discovered the fake eggs.

Since these plastic eggs came from China, neighboring Asian countries and allies of the said nations are prone to export of the said artificial eggs. If indeed proven plastic, they can be health hazard and can cause it to stick onto your intestines. Plastics cannot be digested that easily and might lead to swelling inside your organs when consumed.

The public is warned with regard to the proliferation of these fake eggs so always be aware when buying food in the market.
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Source: Facebook ,  India Today